"Invalid DataPath. Cannot load data" - Reports error

"Page cannot be found" - Attachments error


During installation, yKAP generates an XML file that holds information about the yKAP physical and virtual folders. For specifying the virtual paths, yKAP uses the machine name of the server on which yKAP is installed. The above errors occur from client machines that are unable to resolve the server machine name.


The resolution is to modify the XML file("FilePaths_E.xml") generated during installation to include the fully qualified domain name rather than just the host name.
Note: You may also specify an IP address instead of the host name.
(In either case, the fully qualified domain name(or the IP address) should resolve correctly to the yKAP installation machine.)


Step 1) Locate the "FilePaths_E.xml" file in the "Windows System32" folder.

(Before you modify the file, take a backup of this file elsewhere.)

Step 2) Open the "FilePaths_E.xml" file with Notepad.

(PLEASE DO NOT use the "Word-Wrap" feature in Notepad - If it is already clicked, uncheck it

Step 3) You have to modify the "ReportsFolderVirtual" & the "AttachmentFolderVirtual" entries in this file.

3a) Assuming that you have installed yKAP trial on your "D" drive and your server name is "TESTSERVER", the original "FilePaths_E.xml" should look similar to this.

3b) If you are using a fully qualified domain name, the modified file should look similar to this.

3c) If you are using an IP address, the modified file should look similar to this.

(Notice the modified "ReportsFolderVirtual" and "AttachmentFolderVirtual" entries.)