yKAP is available for purchase as a download version.

yKAP is the only Enterprise Strength Bug Tracking Software under US$ 1000 !

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Number of Users yKAP Enterprise 2.4 yKAP Enterprise 2.4 (+ 1 Yr. Support)
10 600 Buy 650 Buy
30 750 Buy 825 Buy
60 825 Buy 900 Buy
120 900 Buy 950 Buy
200 999 Buy 999 Buy
>200 (Unlimited)

Important Information

  • There are no separate "Client" and "Server" licenses. The prices above indicate your total investment for the corresponding number of users.

  • The pricing above is for the total number of unique (named) users and NOT concurrent users.

  • "Purchased Support" (1- Year or LifeTime for yKAP Enterprise) implies priority email support. Our support staff is usually available during normal business hours (IST - time zone, 5 1/2 hours ahead of GMT - Greenwich Mean Time). (We try our best to respond to support queries as and when we receive them. Often we are able to respond within an hour of receiving your query. Irrespective of where you are in the world, you will hear from us within a maximum of 1 business day.) If your problem is not solved via email, support staff will be available over instant messenger systems at mutually agreed times. Assistance using remote connectivity (to your server) is also included.

  • Incident based support is priced at $100 per incident.