Top 5 reasons to choose yKAP

1. "AJAX" UI for yKAP

AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) technology allows refreshing data within sections on a Webpage - without having to "Reload" the entire web-page. The benefit is that the user feels that he is working with a traditional application - and not with a bunch of Web Pages. While the AJAX technology became widely known only after Google introduce it with GMAIL, yKAP pioneered AJAX much before.

"...the new version is really cool -- we are getting really nice feedback on it ! We are really grateful to pick yKAP as our solution, as you have great tech support..."
-- A. W., HealthCare provider, USA

2. Exceptionally Easy to use

The one thing that customers tell us repeatedly as to why they chose yKAP over other products is the exceptional ease of use. yKAP is an extremely powerful product - but yet very easy to use. You learn as you go with yKAP. You start using yKAP immediately and it lets you discover newer features - as you find the need for those features! Companies find adopting yKAP a breeze!

3. Power packed Features

yKAP Enterprise 2.4 comes with all the features you would want including:

  • Custom Fields / Parameters (of any type) - with custom validations

  • Role based constraints (who can access what fields)

  • Personalized Screen Displays (ordering of fields / grouping / hiding etc)

  • Color coding for lookup items

  • an exceptional Dashboard facility (that lets you add a number of custom reports with filters - to let you drill down to the list of items you want in just ONE click)

  • Top-notch Role based security implementation

  • Third-party (Clients / Vendor) integration

  • A published API with sample source code (examples on how to use the API)and Much more ...

4. Virtually Bug free

We do not maintain a "List of Bug fixes" in the previous versions - as there aren't ANY ! We just keep adding features to our upcoming versions.

5. Exceptional Customer support

yKAP is backed to exceptional customer support. We provide answers to any of your queries within a MAX of 1 business day. Usually we are able to respond to your queries within a few hours of receiving it. Our support is another aspect that our customers are simply delighted about!

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