yKAP Customer Testimonials

"...Out of the 32 that I have reviewed, it(yKAP) is the first to clearly distinguish between issues at a program level and bugs specifically related to the application. Finally, someone on the same wave length! (Unfortunately the name "yKAP" didn't help, you were last on the list alphabetically, so nearly didn't get to you!)..."

Taylor, Shelley of Xerox Corporation

"...the new version is really cool -- we are getting really nice feedback on it ! We are really grateful to pick ykap as our solution, as you have great tech support..."

A. W., HealthCare provider, USA

"...We use yKAP on a daily basis. yKAP is our main defect tracking system. It represents a great value, it’s easy to configure, provides email notification, and the client/server is accessible through a browser."

Shane Cheong ofPegasus TransTech

"...We use yKAP for tracking both defects and issues. I like the simple interface and its ease of use. yKAP provides good value, it’s so much cheaper than other products."

Dana O’Connor of eBags

...Upon evaluation yKAP provided more functionality than the other products and was better priced. It is highly configurable and used every week by people here. Support is good, and I still think it is the better product. "

Neil Garside of TCS Computer Services, UK

"...With yKAP we have lower cost of ownership with all the features needed for defect tracking for our application development efforts. We have upgraded to a corporate license and have 5 groups using yKAP. yKAP is easy to use; fields are appropriate for defect tracking; good ability to customize most things by project "

Project Manager ofTop US Retail Company

project-management-software.org, a specialized web-based business software directory, reviewed yKAP and this is what they had to say:
"...yKAP (Enterprise 2.0) offers project teams a completely redesigned system that makes reporting, assigning and following up on issues a simple, painless process....
...As soon as you log in, you are taken to a very nice piece of software where simplicity and user-friendliness rule... ....flexibility is found throughout the system: Even though yKAP already comes with a respectable set of pre-configured parameters, such as system components (for tests and support), issue statuses, priorities, form fields, etc. It is still possible and very easy to add your own or adapt those in place to fit your requirements. Even more, yKAP offers a customization module where businesses can get exactly the system they have been dreaming of.... ...In conclusion, yKAP is an ideal system for distributed development or support teams that don’t have the resources build their own project management system...and even those who do! yKAP will make your teams more efficient and performance easier to track."

"...the UI is outstanding... performance is really great...our entire support staff is dependent on yKAP !"

Gabriel Chabo of Information Management Ltd. (Lebanon)

"...I appreciate that you provide a very helpful tool, at a very good price..."

Tsitsirigos Fotis of Lannet Communications (Greece)

"...I am continuing to implement this program, ....it is working well for us.... I think you've done a wonderful job with this program..."

Kelly Gosh of Brilliance Audio, Inc

"...Many thanks for the efficient help. Great service!..."

Tom Weilenmann of bank vontobel ag (Switzerland)

"...All in all, we are very impressed with this application and especially with the customer service!...I am hoping we will expand our licenses as a result of the positive reaction we are receiving with this first project..."

"I am VERY impressed with your customer service - I can't even begin to tell you. ......I'll make sure that your bug-tracking software is included in all my proposals... ...Thanks!!!!!..."

David Bisset Dimensionmedia.com

"..I installed ykap without any problems whatsoever...I would like to commend you on your fine product. I'm in the process of evaluating several products for my company and I believe yours is definitely one of the better ones...."

Alvin Yong of One Planet Solutions, Australia

"..I'm very pleased with the software.. ...very good setup procedure, very good documentation and online "tips", Report module is excellent..the security model is very solid...."

Pedro Vieira,a software reviewer from Portugal

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