yKAP Bug Tracking Software Module

Use this yKAP module to create, track, manage and solve software bugs and defects, effortlessly.


Manage Bugs/Defects
  • Create and track bugs/defects.
  • Assign built-in or custom values for defect status, priority, complexity.
  • Assign Project/Module for the defect.
  • Optionally enter a preferred closing date.
  • View the complete history of a defect.
  • Maintain "related bugs/defects" for any bug/defect.
  • Track defect Types and Causes (You can also add custom values for bug/defect "causes" and "types" ).
  • Enter steps to reproduce the bug.
  • Defect Tracking Software Document references Add any document references.
  • Bug Tracking Software Test Environments Select the "Testing environment". (A "Testing environment" represents the hardware/software configuration under which the defect/bug is encountered. A tester may setup multiple Testing environments and also set the default. When this tester enters a defect, the default Testing environment is automatically selected. This ensures maximum hardware/software configuration information is available while solving the bug/defect.)
  • Reassign all defects/Bugs assigned to a user to another user at one go.
  • Defect Tracking Software Custom fields/parameters! Create any type of Custom parameters to define a defect/bug (see "Customize" section below).
  • Bug Tracking Software Bulk Update feature available! Update multiple defects simultaneously (Bulk Update) (Every parameter, including custom parameters, is "updatable" in bulk update).
Dash board (Enterprise2.4 or later)
  • The "Dashboard" instantly provides you a visual representation of the current state of your projects, defects. The "Dashboard" is a panel to which you can add any number of "Summary Reports" (custom charts - pie / bar). (eg: report on all Defects by Priority)
  • A "Summary Report" shows you current distribution (of defects) based on your defined parameters.

yKAP allows exhaustive customization. For example:

  • Define custom values for "Stock" fields such as Status, Priority, Complexity.
  • Define custom values for "Stock" fields such as Defect Type/Cause.
  • Define a "Default Defects view" (the defect-list that is displayed when you login).
  • Bug Tracking Software User Preferences - exhaustive options! Set number of defects to be displayed-per-page.
  • Defect Tracking Software Email Alerts! Define rules for Email Alerts.
  • Define almost any type of custom parameters for defects/Bugs. The types that you can define are: Numeric, Short Text, Long Text, Free Text, Percentage, Date, User "Lookup" (combo - eg: "Approved By" ), System lookups (you can use almost all existing system lookup data - such as Module, Test Environment, Country, Role, etc - to define your custom lookup), Custom lookups (define your own custom combos).
  • Define Parent-Child relationships for your custom lookups (combos).
  • Define Display colors for lookup data (enterprise2.4 or later).
  • Defect Tracking Software Custom field validation rules! Define validation rules for your custom data - eg: Specify a minimum / maximum value for a numeric field, character length for a short text field, etc.
  • Personalize all defects/Bugs related screens - Group fields together, order the fields, etc.
  • Numerous other possibilities...
  • yKAP implements "role-based" security, allowing administrators excellent control over user access to data. Apart from pre-defined roles, administrators can define custom roles specifying access permissions(read/write/delete) for these roles. (This is a standard feature)
  • Bug Tracking Software Field level access constraints! Define Role based field level access constraints - eg: Allow a Role to view a field but deny "update" permission.
Look-up Bugs/Defect
  • Use yKAP exhaustive defect search to easily find defects.
  • Defect Tracking Software Exhaustive Search Options! Some of the search parameters for search are "Created-by / Updated-by", defect title/description text, defect status/priority/complexity/type/cause, project/module, etc.
  • Entered Defects/Bugs are completely searchable by any custom parameters.
  • Save the Search parameters as a "Named search". A "Named Search" remembers the search parameters, saving you time for repetitive searches with same (or similar parameters).
  • Create "Public Named Searches" that can be shared with multiple users. A "Public Named Search" can be communicated easily to other users saving time.
  • Apart from Private and Public Named Searches also define Group Level and Org Level Named Searches.
  • Add as many File attachments to your defect as you want.
Save Defect(s)
  • Save bugs/defects in any of these formats: PDF, RTF, XLS, HTML, Text.
Email Alerts
  • Use the "Send Email Alert" feature to send email notifications.
  • Define rules for Email Alerts.
Print Bug/ Defect(s)
  • Print Bug/ Defect(s)
  • Choose from pre-built print design templates or create your own.
  • yKAP lets you perform extensive analysis(current and trends) of your data with exceptional ease - without any programming. For example:
  • Find out the average time taken to "close" a defect. - Find out under which software/hardware configuration your product has most defects.
  • Compare the number of defects that were due to a particular cause (for example - developer error) this year as to last year.
  • Numerous other analysis possibilities...

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