What is yKAP?

yKAP is a robust web based bug tracking, defect tracking and issue tracking software system. Our unique solution simplifies project management, increases productivity and speeds up the process of bug, defects and issues tracking, that is critical during the development stage of software.

Bug Tracking / Defect Tracking

Created as an intuitive, fully customizable web based bug tracking system; yKAP helps you track bugs, make improvements and resolve issues without letting any item “slip through the cracks” ! yKAP’s "Dashboard" immediately provides a visual representation of the current state of projects, defects, issues.

Issue Tracking / Issue Management

yKAP allows you to create, track and manage any issue. Use yKAP to manage inter-departmental issues or any business process workflow. yKAP allows you to retrieve current status of any issue as well its “history” instantly!


yKAP has its own unique internal collaboration and messaging system that enables technical staff, team members and clients to partake in the evolution and development of projects. Communication is key to effective project management.

Who Uses yKAP?

yKAP is used everywhere from Fortune 1000 businesses to government depts. and more!

"yKAP... represents a great value, it's easy to configure, provides email notification ... is accessible through a browser."

Shane Cheong

Senior QA Analyst, TransTech, USA

Why use yKAP?

What do thousands of professionals in Fortune 1000 companies, small businesses, and Government departments have in common? They use yKAP to help them run their projects! yKAP is exceptionally easy to use, fully scalable and incredibly affordable.

1. "AJAX" UI for yKAP

2. Exceptionally Easy to use

3. Power packed Features

4. Virtually Bug free

5. Exceptional Customer Support